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Our Officers


Allison Koenecke

Co-President: Allison Koenecke

Allison Koenecke is a PhD candidate in her 4th year at Stanford’s Institute for Computational & Mathematical Engineering, where she applies causal inference to the public health space.  She enjoys music, travel, and wondering how she can scheme her way into a Planet Money episode.

Julia Olivieri

Co-President: Julia Olivieri

Julia is a fourth-year PhD student in ICME studying computational biology with Julia Salzman. She enjoys reading fiction, doing crafts, and listening to podcasts while biking around Palo Alto.

Cindy Orozco

Financial Officer: Cindy Orozco

Cindy is a 5th year PhD student in ICME where she creates theory to show how algorithms perform in extreme scenarios.  As a Colombian,  she loves discovering new cultures and languages, dancing Latino music and using colors in a canvas to express herself.

Mackenzie Simper

Events Officer: Mackenzie Simper

Mackenzie is a third-year grad student in the math department, advised by Persi Diaconis. A Salt Lake City native, she enjoys running, hiking, biking, and just being outside

Jiaming Zeng

Events Officer: Jiaming Zeng

Jiaming is a fourth-year Ph.D. Student in Management Science and Engineering. In her freetime, she enjoys reading, writing, being out in nature, and learning about other cultures.